Walking for Peace

We’ve just been to Taranaki to join the Pakeha Hikoi for Peace– a walk from New Plymouth to Parihaka in support of Mayor Andrew Judd’s campaign for Maori representation on New Plymouth District Council. The council’s proposal to include one Maori ward for the next Council election was defeated last year by a Citizen’s Referendum. […]

Te Ara Reo Maori

Both of us love watching Maori Television.  The channel offers more local content than any other (82% compared with 51 per cent for TV One and 50 per cent of TV3’s prime time hours, less on other channels) and the largest number of documentaries-  555 hours in the last year.  And although many programmes in te reo are sub-titled in […]

Hip Hoperation – Tanya reports…

Wow, it’s over – I have a new composite right hip joint made of stainless steel, plastic, ceramic and bone concrete! As many of you know, I’ve been managing two seriously arthritic hip joints (resulting, no doubt, from 30 years of sport, 22 years of developing a farm, plus genetics maybe) for more than three […]