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Earthsong Eco NeigbourhoodEarthsong Eco Neigbourhood at Ranui is now our home.

Unit 8,   457  Swanson Road,  Ranui
West Auckland 0612

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Phone Number : +64-9-8328286


  1. Charmaine and Tanya says:

    We were touched by this feedback from Ruth, a regular reader of our newsletter:

    I wanted to let you know that I love to receive your posts. I was particularly moved by these ones. The cultural richness you are finding in the city, the pleasures of life in Earthsong’s gardens. . . Having an adopted sister in my family I cherish the rare stories about life in two families. Your critiques of misogyny in the media, and seeing the images you select of strong women are a delight. I’m almost in tears as I realise how rare it is to see all of this is. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Margaret Stuart says:

    Ngaa mihi tino nui ki a korua mo ngaa poroporake ki a matua Ranginui, and Tahuna.
    I have been grieving from afar for the two totara who have fallen. Haere, haere, haere atu..
    Neither Selwyn nor I knew Tahuna as well as some of his siblings. It will be a devastating loss for Ngaati te Ata. Our heats go to Nganeko, in the loss of a son. This is an experience that one never ‘recovers from’ or comes to terms with.
    I was privileged to have Ranginui as one of my external examiners for my viva. The experience of being in the same room, in conversation with him, was inspiring. Ka te mana, e ihi, te wehi, te wairua ki matou.
    Thank you both for representing anti-racism people (including us) as you joined in the poroporoake for these two men.
    Margaret and Selwyn Stuart

  3. Julie Powell says:

    Hi Charmaine and Tanya ,
    I wish you all the best for your next move to city life…us country girls never thought we could adjust but you know the work involved in big gardens like myself and I guess our priority’s change as we get older. It seems to become more about the people around us and having time for them and there gardens in my case anyway. Anyway just wanted towish happy new beginnings to you both.
    Love and Smiles

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