We are definitely entering a new stage in our lives together.

Tanya is slowing down, but trying to keep her body moving through daily walks and weekly gym exercises,Tai Chi and bike riding round West Auckland. She is also gardening, of course, growing vegetables in a small allotment offered to her by Adrienne, a friendly neighbour from the village.

Charmaine, at 80, is a little more fragile, but grateful to be alive and to have Tanya’s support, as she is definitely feeling her age.  She is learning to manage some short-term memory loss, and is living in the moment more, taking naps when needed, reading lots, and enjoying watching the changing tides and clouds.




  1. Elisabeth says

    Beautiful photo of you two – an ever inspiration ! thank you

  2. cynthia roberts says

    Enjoyed the catchup with your lives in this latest newsletter. This picture – so happily colourful and artistically vibrant, epitomises what I love about you both. I didn’t realise that this year was the beginning of a new decade for you Charmaine. Many Happy Returns! Arohanui Cynthia

  3. Margaret Arthur says

    That is a wonderful picture of the two of you. You both look so strong. Stay healthy and enjoy life.

  4. Trish Allen says

    Lovely to get your news and the beautiful photos.
    Trish xxxxx

  5. Itsuko + Takashi Kakemizu says

    Takashi says “I am grateful for the miracle that getting know you two!!”
    YES!! I think so, too.

    Ageing….resistance and acceptance are both important, aren’t they?!
    We are learning, too.
    Takashi is a bit slowing down and just began to taking care of his body, not just trying hard to get better performance of snowboarding + long skating.

    We are always encouraged by your positive attitude toward life.
    Thank you soooo much!!

    with lots and lots of love + respect

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