Our move to Selwyn Village has gone very smoothly, thanks to Elderly Assist as packers and removal people, and to helpful staff at Selwyn. We are very fortunate that Selwyn Village offered us  a renovated cottage in Bambury Close, on the southern fringe of the Village, until our new apartment here is available in late […]

“A House by the Sea…”

And what a stunning apartment 532 Caswell will be to live in! Last Saturday we spent an hour and a half in our new apartment.  We were delighted by the views over gardens, flowering pōhutukawa and harbour, and were able to do some planning and measuring for the placement of furnishings.  It is all we […]

Whānau challenges

The last few weeks have been very challenging for Tanya and her family.  Her 79-year-old brother Garth had a serious accident with a loaded wheelbarrow on his steep driveway in Cheltenham, breaking his artificial hip joint and his femur.  He  had four hours of surgery, and  recovery of body and brain are taking a long […]

Political Reflections 2021

Like many older New Zealanders, we have conscientiously listened to the Covid reports on TV or radio, and read the daily paper, to try and stay well-informed.  And we are awaiting our booster shots. We find it hard to understand the anti-vaxx brigade, and even harder to feel tolerant of the bizarre parades and nasty […]

Summer Solstice, Aotearoa

“pōhutukawas in fading crimson, the sand below wreathed in its cottony tangles balls of red hair blown here by yesterday’s wind….” ……from a poem by Lauris Edmond (We found this quote in Juliet Batten’s lovely book Dancing wth the Seasons – inspiration and resilience through times of change) We hope that each of you can […]

1. Good News…

We have sold our current apartment in Grey Lynn – an unconditional agreement was signed this week.  It will be a first home for a young couple and child.  The little boy has already delighted in exploring the upstairs deck, and he will be going to Grey Lynn School next door. We have appreciated our […]

2. Unexpected Good News!

Selwyn Village staff have offered us free temporary accommodation in  the Village because of their having to postpone the completion and moving-in date for new apartments until late January 2022. We have chosen a small free-standing cottage in the grounds of the Village: 15 Bambury Close, Point Chevalier,  not far from the coastal walkway.  It […]

3. Charmaine’s Recovery

Charmaine is recovering and coping well, on the whole.  She has good and bad days, but usually regains good humour and capability after a walk down the road to the shops .  Some days she is deeply tired, and her memory is more erratic than consistent, but she is learning strategies for coping by keeping […]