The State of the World (outside Selwyn)

Profoundly Disturbing!!!

  • Gunshots in Grey Lynn
  • Deluges Drowning Districts
  • Misanthropy and Misinformation Movements Messing with Minds
  • Inflation and Family Poverty..
  • Ongoing Entrenched Sexism and Racism Rampant!
  • Environmental Damage All Around!!!

But we are constantly reminded through media like Maori TV and Radio Waatea, where Dale Husband, every morning, celebrates much of the amazingly positive creative work being done, by many people, especially of the younger generations,  working courageously towards a better future.

Charmaine and Tanya



  1. Itsuko + Takashi Kakemizu says

    Yeah, we have heaps of sadness and challenges here in Japan, too.
    Great reminder!!

    I will stay focusing on positive work being done so that we can put strong energy on our beautiful future.

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