new welcoming doormat

Our warm rainbow welcome mat to new cottage

Our move to Selwyn Village has gone very smoothly, thanks to Elderly Assist as packers and removal people, and to helpful staff at Selwyn.

We are very fortunate that Selwyn Village offered us  a renovated cottage in Bambury Close, on the southern fringe of the Village, until our new apartment here is available in late January, 2022.  Tanya revived a tired flower bed by the front door and then decided to dig a new vegetable bed in the back yard  as well , from which we are picking delicious salad veges three weeks later;  Charmaine has assembled a compost bin, and a recycling system in a kitchen cupboard.

Tanya is revelling in pottering in the gardens again , and we both love walking around the village, our pathways through gardens flaunting the many coloured and perfumed flowers of early summer, as well as many mature trees in the 20 acre park-like grounds of the village.

Another great attraction is that we have a five minute walk to a coastal path and a small pohutukawa-fringed swimming beach!

One of the charms of Selwyn Village is that each of its buildings is distinctive and characterful – it is indeed a village, not a bland institution.  Another attraction is the friendly faces all around – we enjoy coffees with our lesbian friends here as well as other interesting women.

And the staff are wonderful – warm, kind, efficient, multi-talented and very committed to creating and maintaining a caring community.

We feel very lucky to be here for two months until we move into our permanent apartment on the northern fringe of the village.


  1. Ah, you can’t keep good women down!!! What are you going to do when you move to your new apartment? is there space at the village for allotments or a community garden? Arohanui to both of you. Fingers crossed that we will be able to see you both again next year.

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