Settling in at Earthsong

We’re settling in to Number 8 at Earthsong with ease and pleasure…


Annie Wilson Third Adult from right.

…enjoying twice-weekly community meals and getting the hang of cooking in a team of six, once a month, for 50+ people.   Shortly we’ll be assigned our regular ”guardianship” tasks in the big Common House, and next Saturday we’ll take part in the quarterly  “deep clean” of the Common House. 

Children are an integral part of the Earthsong community.  They help us entertain our friends’ children, and they  love to help with chooks, gardening and worm farms.  

There are many interesting visitors to Earthsong.  Last week we invited Annie Wilson, of Miranda Organic Orchards, to help evaluate the health of the Earthsong community orchard and plan a strategy  for future management.  She’s seen above,  third adult from the right, with members of the permaculture focus group and some Earthsong children too.

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