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Slowly we are exploring parts of West Auckland that are new to us.

Close to home there’s a series of lakes which are part of the stormwater system of the city, and which, like Lake Paremuka here,  feature extensive native plantings and interesting sculptures.

Paremuka Lake

At Hobsonville Point, a huge new subdivision on the old Air Force base to the east of Massey, there are several exciting public art projects, including a Virginia King sculpture representing a traditional hinaki (eel trap), with a poem by Fiona Farrell inscribed in the ripples around its base.  And especially popular with children and parents is the children’s playground, which features giant  models of native seed pods to climb on and through….children climbing hinaki kowhai pod


  1. Joy Anderton says

    Tena korua
    Tanya and Charmaine it is wonderful to see what appears like a seamless transition from Earthtalk to Earthsong – you both out there connecting with people, places, beauty and recording it all for us to enjoy. Thanks so much.
    Attending the lovely warm, Pat Rosier’s funeral this week has reminded us of our transient journey on the earth and so enjoying, connecting, loving and learning each day seems a great way to live.
    Waking to a sparkling winter day here with Kapiti Island floating sleepily on a flat sea is not a bad way to start the day either!
    Love Joy

    • Charmaine and Tanya says

      Kia ora Joy,
      Thanks for your lovely response to our June newsletter.I can imagine how heart warming Pat’s funeral was – we are looking forward to her memorial service in Auckland on 31st August.
      More cold rainy weather for us today, after four cold frosty days – our new subtrops have taken a beating, but they might rejuvenate in Spring…We’re enjoying half a dozen Festival films this week – particularly “Alive inside” about how personalized play list of favourite music through headphones can awaken the spirit in even the most long-term comatose dementia patients. Inspirational – don’t know why every Rest Home doesn’t incorporate it!
      And last night’s “Te Awa Tupua” about the Whanganui River struggle was superb, too. We also had a touch of revivalism yesterday at a rousing Internet-Mana public Meeting out west here – 1200 enthusiastic informed westies there – haven’t been anything like it before.Laila Harre gave an inspiring thoughtful address. Tell Jill not to shudder – we’re not mindless converts!but they are not to be lightly dismissed.
      But the thing we’re most looking forward to is our Sunday departure to the Cook Islands for 12 days – a few days on the lagoon at Muri and then a week on Atiu Island, known as the Eco Island with fascinating geology, vegetation and birdlife – only 400 people, one small resort where we’re staying, and a few backpackers.I’m blocked up with a cold bug at the moment, so can’t wait.
      Hope you’re both keeping warm and well.

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