4. Lockdown…

Eleven weeks so far , and like most Auckland people we are feeling the strain.  The relaxation from Level  4 to Level 3 in late September helped; since then we have been able link up with small numbers of whanau and friends outdoors, masked and safely distant from  one another , which has been a […]

5. Round and About…

We both continue to enjoy walks most days, and Tanya loves bike rides too.  Recently we especially enjoyed a stroll around the coastline of the  Te Atatu Peninsula for views of the kuaka- godwits, who have recently arrived from their 12,000km flights back from Siberia. We are also looking forward to having our shaggy manes […]

1. Positive News…

Charmaine’s operation – 4 weeks ago, on 28 July 2021 – was successful. We are very grateful to the skilled medical team involved… Preparations.. As preparation for the operation., on Tanya’s initiative , we asked a special favour of  old friend and healer, Juliet Batten,  to help us face our anxieties. She gave each of […]

2. Lockdown Level Four..

So Covid is here again- and the much more infectious Delta variant too.  We have now been in Lockdown Level 4 for 2 weeks, and we have just heard that Auckland and Northland are likely to remain in Level 4 for a further 2 weeks, probably until September 15th, and maybe longer…? We’re very lucky […]

3. Sorting, Selling !

Lockdown 4 has of course forced us to change our “best made plans”  for sorting , selling and shifting house. Maria Salmon, our dynamic real estate agent, has suggested we let go of the idea of a full marketing program for our apartment after we had moved out in mid September, and is now suggesting […]

4. Another Uncertainty…..

Of course Covid could well affect the completion date of the new apartment blocks at Selwyn Village, too. They were due to be completed on 22nd November, but it is likely that if  Level 4 Lockdown is extended to four  weeks or more as suggested by the P.M. today, completion of Selwyn will be delayed […]

5. Bring on Summer Beside the Sea at Selwyn!

Because of Covid Lockdown Level 4, of course, we haven’t yet been able to have a look at the interior of our new Selwyn apartment – our viewing day last weekend was postponed .  But we did see a similar one before Lockdown, and we’re sure we’ll be  comfortable and happy in Apartment 532, on […]

1. A Rollercoaster Ride…

This rollercoaster ride of ageing continues for us in unexpected ways…both opportunities and challenges! Thank you to all the friends who sent feedback on our April Newletter- the most we’ve ever received in the 7 years of writing each month..  It was very uplifting for us. The good news is that we have signed up […]