3. Sorting, Selling !

Lockdown 4 has of course forced us to change our “best made plans”  for sorting , selling and shifting house.

Maria Salmon, our dynamic real estate agent, has suggested we let go of the idea of a full marketing program for our apartment after we had moved out in mid September, and is now suggesting that the initial marketing  be done through Trade Me during Lockdown Level 4, starting September 1st. She believes there is a captive audience out there at present, and few established apartments on the market. A brave move, and one which we are happy to try. Maria also hopes that she may be able to help us negotiate a settlement date close to the time when we can move into Selwyn Village and thus avoid our having to move about elsewhere for a couple of months. What a relief!

In the meantime we are continuing to  sort through our boxes of paper, books and treasures from the past, with the aim of releasing and recycling at least half of them. A process which can be enlightening and sometimes tedious for Tanya, and painful and sometimes liberating for Charmaine. Our removal expert, Janice Willis of Elderly Assist, is supporting us every inch of the way by providing sturdy packing boxes and tape, regular consultations about changes and timing, and constant reassurance that “everything is do-able”, in Janice’s words. And we have some extra time to complete this task.

So lovely to have spring flowers to enjoy during our walks!





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