4. Lockdown…

Eleven weeks so far , and like most Auckland people we are feeling the strain.  The relaxation from Level  4 to Level 3 in late September helped; since then we have been able link up with small numbers of whanau and friends outdoors, masked and safely distant from  one another , which has been a delight – but no hugs or cuddles yet (apart from each other, at home, of course).

We continue to admire the dedication and commitment of essential workers, particularly those  in hospitals and other health services.  Good to see the creative roadside mural  in Te Atatu!

Of course we are deeply saddened by the nastiness and negativity so often expressed towards Jacinda and Ashley and the government team generally.  Although we don’t always agree with their decisions, we are prepared to believe that they are trying to make choices that are best for most New Zealanders in this ever-changing international scenario.  And the low Covid death rates in Aotearoa  so far are a tribute to the success of their strategies and the cooperation of most citizens.

One thing that has become obvious is that when Maori are treated as equal partners in planning and operational matters, they achieve far better goals for their people than Pakeha authorities can ever manage on their own.  We will be glad when more of our systems and institutions enable ‘by Maori, for Maori’ leadership and strategies

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