4. Another Uncertainty…..

Emerging nikau flower…

Of course Covid could well affect the completion date of the new apartment blocks at Selwyn Village, too.

They were due to be completed on 22nd November, but it is likely that if  Level 4 Lockdown is extended to four  weeks or more as suggested by the P.M. today, completion of Selwyn will be delayed too, because the builders and landscape people can’t return to the site to finish the project. Many projects relying on tradespeople are evidently likely to be delayed even after Covid restrictions are lifted because of the backlog effect. So entry date for  new residents to Selwyn’s apartments could well  be delayed until early December or beyond . So it’s anyone’s guess whether  we new residents  will be settled there by Christmas…

We are aware that this uncertainty about selling and moving is adding to our feelings of being more  unsettled in this Lockdown period than in last year’s month-long Lockdown.

One thing we are very grateful for in this whole process, is the ease of negotiating with very competent, down-to-earth, warm hearted, middle-aged professional women like Maria from Reeveal Projects, Janice from Elder Assist and Anne at Selwyn. They assure us that they are with us, and keep us  hopeful.

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