Matariki …

Matariki, a time for reflecting on the past and planning for the future, has given us helter-skelter weather in Tamaki Makaurau since the 28th of June.  Fogs to help us see old Ranui street signs in new ways, sunny days to encourage the garlic shoots, still mornings to frame spiderwebs, wild storms to drive us inside.

Welcome to Ranuigarlic

winter web

We tried to walk at Te Henga (Bethell’s Beach) on the west coast one day, thinking to escape the wild easterly wind, but a relentless horizontal sandblast down the stream valley drove us towards the sea then tried to force us back when we turned and headed for the car, without the  seaweed or photos we’d hoped for…

winter walnut flowers

Then there have been those gentle days at Earthsong when children flower in the old walnut tree outside our windows…and help to plant a young mandarin tree, hoping for the fruit next winter…





  1. Cynthia Roberts says

    Lovely photos and story 🙂 like the new page layout too

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