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2014-09-19 cgp_11Some days we find it hard to know whether news headlines signal the coming election or a rugby tournament .

Our political environment has become, this year, more and more like a series of aggressive rugby games. Several largely male teams charge and tackle. There are a lot of missed kicks, a few tries, endless rucks in the dirt. And no clear purpose except the thrill of combat and the urgent desire to dominate and win. On Friday 19th September the last scrum will go down, and on Saturday the points will be counted. Some injuries may take much longer to heal.

As we write, we’re still hoping for a miracle – a respectful Labour-Greens coalition government supported by Maori and Internet-Mana parties, and NZ first, which will negotiate decently and work towards a much healthier society and environment.

Or at the very least, a government which has learnt several important lessons about what New Zealanders want, and so is now committed to shaping:

  • a country where all our people, especially our children, are fed, housed and educated with loving care

  • a society based on respect and trust, not snoops and spies and over-zealous police

  • a nation which cherishes sovereignty, doesn’t toady to bigger and more aggressive nations, and promotes peace and justice at home and abroad

  • a land which is beautiful, productive and protected against exploitation and destruction of its environmental resources

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