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Miso makers

Marmalade and Miso Making

A batch of marmalade is an hour of shared chopping, stirring and interesting talk when three of us gather for the task in the Earthsong Common House kitchen.

Learning to make miso with Yuki is even more exciting as we try to toss lumps of the mix from hand to hand to get rid of air bubbles before pushing it into containers to ferment. A bit of a mess in our inexpert hands…

Planting round the pond


The group at the pond working bee came out a bit of a mess, too, with the surrounds very soggy after heavy rain. But pond edges are now planted with more native reeds, sedges, shrubs and trees.  The growing chorus of frogs soothes us each night.




Working with worms…

Tanya and Mio have a weekly appointment to feed the worm farm in the orchard with kitchen scraps and shredded paper.  They harvest the worm wee and worm poo  for the gardens and orchard trees.

worm peeIMG_3033






  1. Cynthia Roberts says

    Thanks for the lovely description of some shared activities at Earthsong – can just picture you both there having fun.

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