Auckland’s future? or more grey men…

menProject Auckland, a 20-page supplement published on December 9 2014 by the New Zealand Herald, shows clearly why progress in developing Auckland as a truly liveable city is so slow.

Of the 23 key people commenting, only four are women, only Paula Bennett is obviously Maori. And I’d be surprised if any of the commentators is under 40.

womenHow about a supplement in the New Year which features the visions and practical suggestions of the generation likely to be the middle-aged adults living in Auckland in 20 years time? 50% will be women, and 50% at least will be of Maori, Pasififka and/or Asian ancestry. And now they are aged between 15 and 35 – fully able to articulate and implement intelligent suggestions, and scattered around the whole of Auckland City’s area, not just the Eastern suburbs. Even after six months in Ranui, we could name at least a dozen outstanding young men and women leaders from a range of cultural backgrounds.

Duke Lotam and Edith Amituanai Here are two for starters: Edith Amituanai (photographer, film-maker, lecturer at Auckland University, league team manager and Ranui community development worker) and Duke LoTam, wniner of Sports Waitakere’s Youth Leadership Award and potential community leader.

And how about watching What is West? (a short documentary made by Edith with a team of young local people) and hearing what a wide range of teenagers in West Auckland think is good and not so good about their part of the city?

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