Summer Solstice Greetings to you all.

solstice magnoliaThe longest day is here, with huge lemon-scented magnolia blossoms…

We will  celebrate Summer Solstice with family and friends,  at Earthsong.  Tanya will harvest a bed of garlic, and we’ll be feasting on our new discovery –  delicious blueberry-cashew ‘raw food’ cheese cake – plus savoury snacks  and colourful summer salads…

blueberry cheesecakesolstice saladgarlic






On Christmas Day we hope to pack sandwiches and go for a walk in the bush and a stroll on a beach.  On Boxing Day Charmaine flies to Sydney for her birth mother’s 90th birthday.

We really like our friend Juliet’s Solstice Blessing:

Imagine if . . .
at this time of year,
for every person who is speeding up,
and behaving erratically . . .
there is someone who is
slowing down, connecting deeply
to the still centre
and taking special care.
Imagine what the lead up to summer solstice/winter solstice/Xmas
would then be like.
Just imagine. . .
Could that someone be you?


Final thoughts

While reflecting on the past year, and our privileged lives here in Aotearoa,   we are deeply saddened by the hideous events in the world during this last week, especially:

  • the children and teachers  cruelly slaughtered by the Taliban in a Pakistan school
  • the owner and customer shot by the insane gunman in a Sydney café
  • and,  just tonight, the eight children killed in a family tragedy in the Cairns-Torres Strait community

While we can do little about these particular tragedies, we can all continue to work to build violence-free families and communities in our own neighbourhoods and nations, and honour and support the many groups already working for greater compassion, generosity and justice in the world.


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