ALL FRESCO: K-Road Art 2015

street art tall3. street art nativesDingy alleyways and dirty walls around Karangahape Road are blossoming with art works.

Congratulations to the K-Road Business Association for inviting good street artists to enliven some of the bare walls in the neighbourhood.  This is a very creative alternative to fighting a losing battle against random taggers!

5. street art birdOnce a good piece of street art is created it is seldom tagged- and finding taggers and encouraging them to become artists is a far more practical and long-term solution than clean-up teams and prosecutions.

6. street art




More important still, bare concrete walls are deadening to the human spirit; street art enlivens us.2.street art








– see this for a map, and further info about the K-Road project.

The Corban Estate Arts Centre, in Henderson, West Auckland also features wonderful street-art walls, and regular programmes for involving taggers positively.  Community Centres and Business Associations everywhere (and schools with tagging problems, of course) could follow these examples.

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