Samoa scenes…

an armful of ginger..

an armful of ginger..

We’ve just returned from the winter warmth of Samoa and Tanya’s 70th birthday.

Here’s a few glimpses of our week…







Poutasi Village Developments : Crafts, Education and Gardens…




Church on Sunday, of course: the Methodist Church in Siumu



Tanya’s 70th birthday surprise from Sinalei Staff…

accompanied by “Manuia lou aso fanau ”  (Happy Birthday) and four haka (Maori, Samoan, Australian and English)  from the young men on the staff..


a birthday cake for Tanya...

a birthday cake for Tanya…


  1. You both look radiant! Colours are gorgeous. Samoa was on our wish list this year but went to Aussie to catch up with friends and family – look forward to some suggestions from you for a future visit



    • Charmaine and Tanya says

      Wow, you’re on to it bright and early!Thanks for your greetings, Cynthia -Sinalei was a special time and place – no touristy things cos it was a return visit for us, but some exquisite opportunities to have more intimate time with locals, and get involved with an exciting fund-raising project in Poutasi village’s ukulele manufacturing enterprise! More later, and of course happy to share ideas anytime. Arohanui,

  2. Happy birthday ( if late) to a great inspiring woman !

  3. Adrienne Tunnicliffe says

    Yep, radiant is the right word! I was just about to write exactly that when I saw Cynthia’s comment. A beautiful photo. Love to you both,

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