AGGS farewells Toesulu Brown MNZM

Toesulu Brown has worked at AGGS for thirty years.  Charmaine created a position for her in 1985 as a community liaison officer and a teacher of Samoan language, especially to NZ-born girls who were not fluent.  Over the years Toesulu has fulfilled many roles in the school and the community, becoming a key member of the national Samoan Language curriculum group as well as a guidance counsellor and community worker.  Her work was acknowledged nationally in 2009 when she was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit.

At the end of 2015, Toesulu officially retires from AGGS, and on Monday 30 November the school hosted a wonderful Samoan fiafia and farewell for this outstanding woman, who has been such a fine role model for students, and a source of support and wisdom for staff.

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  1. Hi Charmaine

    What a wonderful occasion to read about. Thanks for sharing, and all good wishes to Toesulu.


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