Summer at Earthsong




Salma, Phoebe and Olive at our place for a farewell morning tea…

We’ve been enjoying a peaceful, gentle time at Earthsong over summer – no meetings, emails or cooking teams! – and delighting in homegrown summer vegies and fruit from the garden. We also appreciated a Christmas delivery of delicious citrus and early plums  from Alison and Steve at earthtalk.

The sad event here has been the departure of one of the young families from our node; Fiona and Glen Eric have bought a house in Dunedin and moved in there yesterday.  We have had such fun watching their three little girls growing up:  Salma starting school, Phoebe going to kindergarten, and Olive (born here soon after we came) learning to walk- and all three playing on the paths, the swing and the walnut tree outside our office window, riding bikes, and jumping on the trampoline.We will miss all five of them very much.

We look forward to getting to know the new neighbours who have moved in – Tomoko, Manabu and 6-year-old Taiga.


Women’s Tennis

08-Sloane Stevens 2A highlight for Tanya every January is the ASB Classic International Women’s Tennis held at Stanley Street in Auckland. This year was no exception; together with a couple of Earthsongers and several other friends she indulged in four days of exciting tennis, and was delighted when all the top seeds fell and the emerging winner was a dynamic 22-year-old black American player, Sloane Stevens.

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