Alex and Tomoko at Earthsong


(from left) Tomoko our neighbour, Tomoko and Alex our guests, Yuki our neighbour,

Ten years ago, Tanya began a conversation with a young Japanese woman sitting on her own at a film during the Out and Proud Festival.  We learnt she was a doctor in training- having a gap year to study medical anthropology and English language at Auckland University-  and eventually she told us  she was in a relationship with a young woman at home in Japan.

She called herself Alex, and she came and wwoofed with us several times during her year here, and has kept in touch since.  So we were delighted when she wrote and asked if she and Tomoko, her partner of seven years, could come and stay with us during a trip to Aotearoa.

Such darlings, the two of them, and they were a great hit with our two families of Japanese neighbours at Earthsong, and our Shakti friends Farida and Shila.  Most of our time was spent talking and laughing, before they went off to explore the South Island.  But as well as preparing a delicious Japanese meal for us, they insisted on helping Tanya on the land while they were at Earthsong, and proudly made an enormous compost together.





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