Ika- the restaurant with a difference


Laila and Charmaine at Ika, Tuesday 17 May

Ika is the Maori word for fish, and Ika serves very good fish, from sustainable sources.. Ika also serves olives and wine and some vegetables from an organic property on Waiheke.  But even more important, Ika pays its staff a living wage – the only  restaurant we know of that does so.  Laila Harre and her husband Barry Gribben own Ika, and the organic Waiheke vineyard that supplies their restaurant- and they are committed to providing  food for thought as well as thoughtful food.

Ika has become a centre for intellectual debate in Auckland, providing  civilised opportunities for people to eat good food, listen to a range of views, and talk about issues

They have lunchtime conversations and lectures, evening salons, all manner of opportunities for expression of ideas.  Laila is, of course, a former cabinet minister, party co-leader and trade union organiser, and Barry continues to work on health issues.  See  their webpage http://ikaseafoodandgrill/co.nz/salon/ for coming events on climate change and the Panama papers among other things..

Charmaine was delighted to be asked by Laila to talk at a salon evening on Tuesday May 17, about the 1980s, “the forgotten decade that changed our city and the nation forever” from her perspective as principal of Auckland Girls’ Grammar School during that time…and a  shortened and tidied version of what she intended to say is posted below for those interested.

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