A new voice in Grandpa Herald

1464057744106We are enjoying the frank, provocative columns by Rachel Stewart, recently recruited by Grandpa Herald from the Taranaki Daily News.  She has just won the 2016 Opinion Writer of the Year  Canon Media award.  Her powerful statements about male predators, and farmers who abuse the environment, have made this Whanganui Dairy Farmer and falconer somewhat unpopular, as you can imagine.  She says, “In my case I’ve unwittingly added fuel to the fire by desiring a woman over any man.  Anyone who tells you that this is not a majorly rebellious act, even in this so-called enlightened age of marriage equality, is dreaming.”

Some of you might have already discovered her, but if not, here are two links- the first to last week’s NZ Herald article: “The worst predators in the world are men”:


and the other to her website/blog : https://ridingshotgun.me/comment-page-1/#comment-93

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