Summer Solstice


Our warm Summer Solstice greetings to all of you from Tāmaki Makaurau, where it’s beginning to feel like summer at last- and happy Winter Solstice blessings  as well to those of you in the Northern Hemisphere.  May the New Year bring more good tidings of comfort and joy, more political sanity and more stable tectonic plates than 2016….everywhere.

We are also very mindful of those who have lost special family members during this year.    We send our special love to you and your whanau

We have made the decision to stop writing a regular monthly newsletter after this one.  2016 has been a very busy year for us both, as you’ll read below, and we would like 2017 to be more peaceful, so we can concentrate on a few special projects and have more quiet days without the pressure of deadlines (an interesting word, isn’t it, dead lines?)  Thank you to all  who have continued to read our newsletter, and special thanks to those who have commented at times.  We’d love to hear more about your lives over the last few years!

We are having a gentle at-home summer here at Earthsong- relaxing, reading, writing, walking, spontaneous lunches, swimming, watering gardens, and maybe exploring parts of Auckland by train and bus.  

A solstice bouquet


  1. Wendy Earles says

    I’ll personally miss your newsletters, but good for you two making a decision not to live with dead lines! Have a wonderful time together enjoying the many activities on your list at your leisure. Happy summer solstice to you both and a visit sometime after the holiday season. Arohanui Wendy.

  2. Aorewa McLeod says

    I’ve always enjoyed reading your newsletter, and hearing what you’ve been doing, even though I’ve been remiss about replying.
    Thank you so much. Keep on enjoying your lives.
    Love, Aorewa

  3. Julia Ganson says

    I also will miss the monthly Earthtalk newsletter, for news from T & C and Aotearoa. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the Winter Solstice, of course, and the focus is on darkness, retreat and reflection of internal landscapes. Thank you for the thoughts on “deadlines,” a weird word indeed. I will add it to my Solstice contemplations! Eliminating most of these sounds like a wonderful plan for 2017! Lots of love to all at Earthtalk and in my beloved Aotearoa, from the US and what has become even more the belly of the beast.

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