A fierce footnote

I can’t stand the term “ethnic cleansing”.  There’s nothing clean about persecution,  rape, mutilation and murder of a group of human beings because of their ethnicity, religion or political beliefs.  Tell the truth, for goodness  sake –”attempted ethnic extermination”, or “forced ethnic relocation”… genocide…hatred and criminal violence…inexcusable evil…

Every day we’re hearing this term used about the persecution and expulsion of the Muslim minority Rohingya people from Myanmar to Bangladesh.. 

Surely the New Zealand media, and our representatives at the United Nation, could lead a campaign to remove the vile euphemism, ‘ethnic cleansing’,  from our usage, and name it for what it is?


  1. Arafelle One says

    Yes yes yes, I can’t stand this horrible misuse of language which somehow justifies the atrocities it is describing. I’m going to quote you on facebook Charmaine, not mentioning your name without permission. Arafelle

    • Charmaine and Tanya says

      You are welcome to use my words and/or my name, Arafelle..we must try
      and get people to stop using this term- “cleansing” implies “dirt we are justified in removing”

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