National Telling Lies!!!

I am so angry with the lies (or faked news) being spread by the Nats- even Bill English, for whom I have had some respect until now.         .


Labour is NOT increasing personal income tax- if they are elected income tax will be the same for wealthier people, and so there will be more available for people living in poverty.

Labour’s suggested water royalty will NOT put farmers and growers out of business if they are using their own farm water supplies- and will be negotiated with heavy irrigators who use public streams, rivers and dams before a rate is finally decided anyway. And yes, Labour will tax those who bottle vast quantities of our cleanes water in polluting plastic bottles and sell it at huge profit off shore.

Labour does NOT have an 11 billion dollar hole in its budget. No-one except Joyce, English and their unthinking supporters believe this.  And not getting a reduction in tax next April is NOT paying MORE tax

Yes, Labour has shifted its ground on implementing other new taxes such as one on speculators and multiple house owners  until AFTER the report of a working party and AFTER the next election – so everyone has time to decide.


  • Yes, National will offer some limited help to those who need it most- because it has been shamed into admitting it hasn’t done anywhere near enough in the last 9 years
  • Yes, National will spend more money on roads for gas-guzzling trucks and cars , such as a short, extremely expensive and unnecessary motorway which will ruin part of the foreshore of the Manukau Harbour – when it should be increasing taxes on petrol and diesel and subsidising electric vehicles.
  • Yes, National will reduce taxes – for those already living comfortably on their current income!!!

Jacinda Ardern and James Shaw are doing an amazing job as leaders,

in spite of both having been thrust into the role at short notice.  

Of course they will sometimes misjudge the moment- BUT UNLIKE BILL ENGLISH THEY ARE NOT TELLING LIES TO MISLEAD THE PUBLIC. And they are offering a stable government together, hopefully with the Maori Party as well, which will spend on the real needs of many struggling families, and on saving our environment form greedy spoilers.


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