Three months adventuring…

From 1 December 2017 to 9 March 2018 we’re putting everything except a couple of suitcases-full  into storage

until our new Ockham “Newton” home in Grey Lynn  becomes available.

Jeanette and Greg, the buyers of our home  Unit 8 at Earthsong, move in on 1 December.

We have decided to mark our transition by flying off for an adventure on Rēkohu (the Chatham Islands, 870 km east of Christchurch)  for the first week of December.  We’ve  booked the last two places in a small group Forget-Me-Not tour  with Pukekohe Travel, exploring  the unique history ecology, geography, seafood and people of this remote part of Aotearoa.

Then we’ll relax in our favourite cottage beside the sea at Orua Bay, on the Awhitu Peninsula, until Christmas Eve- followed by a week with our friends Farida and Shila, and a week or two in the city for Tanya to go to the ASB International Women’s Tennis and Charmaine to catch up on city friends

From 5 January 2018 on we’re  open to renting, roaming or house-sitting anywhere in Aotearoa .  So if you know of anyone wanting reliable tenants, house and garden minders, for January- February, do let us know.

Around 10 March we’ll move into our new Ockham home, Apartment 301 in “Newton”, 64 Surrey Crescent, Grey Lynn to begin our new urban life

.…Exciting prospects ahead!

Contact details: from December onwards we’ll be using cellphones only (plus emails to be notified): 

Charmaine – – 0210584741

Tanya – 027 346 5835

PS GREAT NEWS TONIGHT:  Jacinda Adern is our new Prime Minister! 

This warm, lively and very able 37-year-old woman has , with her Labour Party colleagues, negotiated a coalition agreement with Winston Peters and the New Zealand First Party, and an agreement with James Shaw and the Green Party, to form the next Government of Aotearoa!  What a relief from the smug, tired National Party…


  1. Bronwen Christianos says

    So exciting hearing about your moves over the next few months.
    Hope we can eventually catch up, somewhere.
    Lots of love

  2. Sylvia Bagnall says

    If you would like a week in Paekākāriki it can be arranged. You need to feed a somnolent cat and I’d be down the road at Annabel’s.

    Good election result, eh!,

  3. My bach at Te Henga will be available over that time. Have a wonderful time wandering!

  4. Winnie Crombie says


    Great news that your house has been sold and you’re moving on to Grey Lynn. That’s the area where Di’s brother and partner line – they love it. Holiday plans sound fantastic. You’re very welcome to use the little unit at our place in Hamilton in January and February if that’s any use to you. All the best for your new home.

    Love, Winnie & Di

  5. Suzanne Menzies-Culling says

    What great plans you have for the next few months. Wishing you safe travels and lots of exciting discoveries in Reekohu (sorry no macrons on this old computer.)
    And also I hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year with good weather and a kinder more imaginative and moral government.:)

    • Charmaine and Tanya says

      thanks, suzanne- and indeed I think we have a “kinder, more imaginative and more moral government”, at last!

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