Tanya has a new knee…

Rainbow view from Ormiston Window

Tanya had a new knee installed three weeks ago.  In Ormiston Hospital- as for her two hip operations – she felt quite at home,  in a room with a view, and with the same surgeon, the same favourite lesbian nurse and the same physio.  

However, a knee op is very different from a hip op. It’s more intricate and painful, and she’s had to take a bigger cocktail of drugs for longer.  But she was at home in three days, upstairs daily, walking around our rooftop garden enjoying fresh air and views, and she’s now exercycling daily.

Such amazing operations, these are – we are very grateful for our expert health services.


And we wish Garth, Tanya’s brother,

a steady recovery from  his surgery on Monday 19 November

and much enjoyment from his new knee soon too!!


  1. Megan Williams says

    Great to read your news and hear about Tanya’s new knee. We sure miss you at ES


  2. Sounds like good progress Tanya. Wishing you good healing, and increased mobility.

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