Solstice greetings to you all..

 Saturday December 22 is the longest day of the year and promises to be warm here, of course.  To our Northern Hemisphere friends and family experiencing the Winter Solstice on Friday 21 December, stay snug, and we’re glad the days will be  lengthening for you from now on.

We wonder what you will be doing during the holiday season? We are catching up with family members and friends and   having a quiet time at home in Grey Lynn.  We love the city when it empties out!

We intend to spend Christmas Day catching a bus, train or ferry to somewhere interesting around Auckland for a bush walk or swim.  We’ll take our egg sandwiches and water bottles, and have a quiet, healthy day. 

We hope all of you will have a safe, healthy, satisfying and creative year in 2019.

Enjoy these pics of the season around Grey Lynn!

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