Violence against women

In our last newsletter we celebrated women winning the right to vote in New Zealand- with some cautions about the very different meanings of suffrage for Pakeha and  Maori women.

This month, sadly, we have to acknowledge the continuing acts of violence by men against women here in Aotearoa, and the continuing exclusion of women’s work and ideas -the unconscious and structural sexism of our political and economic structures.. 

Actually, It’s time that every nation came clean about the ridiculous waste and evil harm caused by men’s violence throughout the Western world (and elsewhere, of course, but that’s another story), and  male-imposed national business and accounting systems which exclude women’s work by ignoring family, household, land and community contributions.

So  we’re passing on two of the really important statements on the embedded anti-women aspects of New Zealand society, and we celebrate  those women prepared to research, challenge and offer alternatives to our lopsided  world.  Let’s all make 2019 the year when the human species in the countries where we live begin seriously to change the bad male behaviours which warp  our world.

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