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Bike Auckland’s AGM was the best AGM I’ve attended! Over in 5 minutes-” totally rigged!” as the dynamic silver-haired chair, Barbara Cuthbert, announced gleefully, ” because all the current committee members want to continue,” – “but”- she added “we can easily coopt any other keen bikers!”

An evening to celebrate a busy year of hustling, moving and shaking for cycling in Auckland.

It started with drinks and snacks followed by updates on new cycling figures and projects:

  • Aucklanders are flocking to cycling as everyday transport- ridership was up by 9% over the last year, and June’s count was 16.7% up on last June’s! 

We heard about:

  • progress on the new 4.5km cycleway from Takanini to Papakura, and the extension of the North-West one from Lincoln Road to Westgate- both due to open this year
  • the major Karangahape Road makeover which is happening now
  • and hopes are high for the Skypath across the Auckland Harbour Bridge which is due to be started in late 2020

The bike train dismount to cross a road safely

The most moving presentation was by Mat Fordham, a young dad in Point Chevalier, who with other volunteers has established the Pt. Chevalier School Bike Train, which guides young children to school safely along the 1.5km busy roads and past 80 driveways, and which has produced many other unexpected benefits for the community.

While I was researching that, later, I discovered another amazing Pt Chevalier project- “Cycling Without Age”- a movement that started in Denmark 5 years ago – in which volunteers use an electrified Tricycle rickshaw to take older residents from Selwyn Village for a bike ride “to smell the sea air” or explore local parks.

Wow, there’s hope for us oldies when we are no longer able to cycle for ourselves!… and opportunities to volunteer in the meantime. 

This movement is already operating on the North Shore too.



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