Visits and Visitors

Seahorse Farm at dawn…

A visit to Whangarei Heads…

From Waitangi we headed to Whangarei Heads to stay a couple of nights with  our old friends Steph and Annette on Seahorse Farm.  We swam, walked, ate delicious food, and were looked after warmly by them both. 



One highlight was our walk from Urquhart’s Bay around the headland to Smugglers Cove, and a swim in the deliciously clear blue-green water there.


Smugglers’ Cove at Whangarei Heads








A visit from our old friend Julia Ganson

Julia, one of our early wwoofers at earthtalk, has been visiting friends in Aotearoa, and stayed with us for a couple of nights.  She is always a delight, with lively accounts of her travels and her work- currently with Whistleblowers, in the USA, which provides legal support for those who want to disclose abuses of power and privilege.

…and from two special young ones..

We’ve also had separate overnight stays by each of our two favourite children-Tanya’s great- niece  Ellie Belle (now 7), and Earthsong friend Taiga  (10), with their imaginative minds and curiosity.. .  We love exploring their very different interests  and exploring different parts of Tamaki Makaurau too. 

Tanya and Julia in rooftop garden, Surrey Crescent

Charmaine and Ellie with home-made pancakes for breakfast



Taiga with Charmaine and Tanya in Pride-painted Ellen Melville Place











…and  a galah from Oz…on the roof next door, and swooping around the streets of Grey Lynn…


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