Lockdown/Rahui  again…

…near the end of the tunnel…?

We’re in Level 3 for 12 days because of a new cluster of Coronavirus cases detected  in Auckland City,  and  since  a few cases in Tokoroa and Rotorua.  The whole country has been put into Level 2: 


Here in Auckland, we feel for the smaller shops and cafes that can’t afford to become delivery services, or to rely on doorstep sales; and big questions are being asked about how often we can afford, as a nation, to go in and out of lockdowns, with growing unemployment and national debt. 

Generally, people are adjusting well, but it’s emotionally harder second time round, even though we are familiar with the routines.  We keep grounded by walking or biking around our communities, appreciating the creativity of human beings, the beautiful and the quirky. We’ve scattered some of Tanya’s photos throughout, accordingly.

Important to seek out the positive, because in addition to managing the Covid pandemic, we are also now having to deal with a “so-called plandemic”- or what Charmaine prefers to call “the misinfodemic” – which is apparently spreading faster, more widely and more dangerously, than the physical virus .

We strongly recommend joining Action Station for their outstanding contributions to thought and action in Aotearoa.  At present, for instance, they are featuring in their newsletter to members some very wise advice on how to deal with misinformation and bigotry online, and in person, without entrenching the hostility or fear of those expressing such views.  If you are not a member of Action Station, you can read this article in Spinoff which summarises much of the content:


In spite of our fortunate circumstances, we’re not immune from the fear and depression more obvious in the community this time round.  And in addition there is the apparent rise in hate messages aimed at Covid survivors, online and in person, and of white racist rants in general.

Affirmation for community support and government successes, and sharing helpful  suggestions for improvement when there are failures,  are the equivalent of inoculation against and treatment for those infections of the human mind and spirit which are  more vile and dangerous than the Coronavirus itself. 




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