2. Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori

The Maori Language Moment signalled the beginning of Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori , our annual Maori Language Week, which was celebrated in a variety of ways.

The media…

All media made special efforts to highlight te reo this week.  It was great to listen to fluent te reo on radio, to watch a variety of special te reo TV programmes, and to read special feature articles each day in the NZ Herald.

A couple of amusing comments:


…and in the NZ Herald – interpret it as you will! – from a frequent correspondent, Peter Clapshaw:

On Te Reo:

If I had wanted a television or radio which spoke to me in Maori I would have bought one..)

Te reo pops up in unexpected places too- on Saturday evening, 19 September, we were on the Devonport ferry, and all Fullers’ announcements were made in both English and Te Reo for Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori– maybe they will continue using both languages too!

Among the many interesting resources  available to us  now, here are a few we’ve watched or listened to :

..an item about new learning support for businesses, including:

  • workshops run by Precious Clark and her team from Maurea Consultancy


  • A performance by Ngā Hine Pūkoro– four amazingly talented “slampoets” , young women from Waiorea  (Western Springs College)


  • There’s been a rich variety of Maori music played during the week, including Moana Maniapoto’s new song, Tōku Reo, a collaboration with a Taiwanese freedom fighter.



13th Floor New Song Of The Day: Moana & The Tribe – Toku Reo


  • Tama Iti’s latest art project, ‘Ēhe’, painting brown paper bags during Lockdown and selling them on Facebook as “whanau” “hapu” , “iwi”.



  • A new app, Kōrerorero…from AUT :


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