3. Keeping in touch..

Over the last few years we two have  developed some favourite activities to help us  understand our changing country:

  • an hour or two each morning listening to Dale Husband on Radio Waatea (603 AM)- his news and interviews from 7.15am onwards include a wide range of Māori contributors.  Dale is always thoughtful, courteous and informative, and  his guests stimulating.  The music he plays is mainly by Māori  musicians from the present and recent years too.
  • reading and discussing on-line posts from Newsroom, Stuff and e-tangata,  about Māori  and Pasifika projects, racism and tino rangatiratanga,  
  • watching Te Ao Marama on Māori TV each night (recorded for later if we’re out) for an hour of news and interviews, mainly in te reo with some subtitles, and weekly programmes like Te Ao Moana, Hui, and Marae. 


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