Happy Helpful Honda!

We’ve just been thinking how lucky we are to still have our 2001 Honda.  She is now almost 20 years old, has seen us from the farm days through to the city, has done 456,120km, has a few mended scratches,  bangs and rust patches, and has faded somewhat from her original marvellous mauve.  But she can still take us  several hundred kilometres  without protesting, and return home with petrol in the tank .

We don’t use her much around the city, because we walk or catch buses to most places (or ride an electric bike, in Tanya’s case), but whenever we do go down to the garage and turn the key in the ignition she starts instantly, and takes us wherever we want.

Thank you, a thousand times, Honda AAM571 !!



  1. Itsuko + Takashi says

    Wow, Happy Honda and Beautiful Charmaine!!
    We are very glad to see you!!
    Stay well

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