Tea for Two…

Driveway to main building at Zealong…

On Monday 8 February, Tanya and I celebrated 36 years since we first had dinner together in 1985.  On that first evening we discovered that we shared many values in common, but also recognised we had very different personalities and lifestyles.  To some people’s surprise – and our own at times – we have managed to weave a creative life together over the years…

Charmaine and Tanya on February 8 at Zealong Tea Estate

To celebrate our anniversary this year, we booked  lunch at the award-winning Zealong Tea Estate near Gordonton, on the road to Hamilton 

The Zealong Tea House Restaurant provides a feast of fine organic tea-infused treats, and, of course, pure Zealong teas of many flavours.

It overlooks the tea plantations.  The staff are a wonderfully well-trained and gracious group. The cafe was full, with people from many cultures.

The complex also has a boutique retail shop, space for functions, and guided tours through the history of tea and the development of the estate..



  1. Itsuko + Takashi Kakemizu says

    What a beautiful couple you are!!
    I love the photo.
    It is very enlightening.

    wish you beautiful summer days!!
    Stay well and beautiful!!

    from snowy Sapporo
    We will enjoy snowboarding for more couples of week^^

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