1. International Women’s Day and Month

  1. Miriama Kamo, Host


“Level Up –Let’s change the World” (scheduled for International Women’s Day, but postponed because of Covid Lockdown) was an intergenerational discussion chaired with skill and empathy by Miriama Kamo.  It made an inspiring – and challenging- 7.30am start to the day on Wednesday 17 March at the Civic Club.  A diverse group of panelists participated, varying in age from 20s to 70s, and in backgrounds:  

  • Lexie, a transgender Pākehā woman for 30 years
  • Alyssa, a young Samoan woman
  • Justine, a 52-year-old Pākehā comedian
  • Gabriella, Auckland Women’s Centre Youth Coordinator, of Ngaati Maniapoto ancestry
  • Qiane, a mother, business CEO, political activist of Māori/Cook Island ancestry
  • Becki- a photographer and visual story-teller

They were asked to share the struggles that they have experienced in their lives as women.  Among them they covered:

  • Transgender issues- invisibility and rejection..
  • Anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation…
  • Infertility issues
  • Internalised colonisation, and the need to know whakapapa to stand strong
  • Toxic masculinity, especially in comedy performance organisations
  • Chronic pain, not taken seriously by health professionals, from chronic kidney infections and endometriosis
  • Deep exhaustion from being a Maori political activist and “having 7 generations on my shoulders since I was 8 years old!”
  • Daily racism, conscious and unconscious
  • Miscarriage and menopause

All these strong, capable, creative women had experienced the invisibility of women, and not being listened to by patriarchy.

All highlighted the need to speak out more, be taken seriously, and create safety nets.

This event was outstanding for the diversity of women speaking, their skills and abilities, the wide range of issues they raised, the warmth and thoughtfulness of questions and answers, and the skilled and sensitive leadership by host Miriama Kamo.

We came away feeling inspired by their honesty and strength.

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