2. General Health and Fitness

We’ve decided to take a  proactive and preventative approach to our health, so we are getting ourselves checked out by professionals to make sure we can stay as fit a possible for as long as possible, and are less likely to become a burden on each other or a wider support circle.  Because of living in central Auckland we have easy access to a network of professional people, including a hearing specialist on the ground floor of our apartment block (all fine on that  count), and an optician in Newmarket (some issues on the horizon)..   

We have a booking next week with one of the Dementia  Auckland staff –they  are based down the lane between our two buildings, so it seems sensible to find out about support activities and services they offer,  whether for  us or friends and family members, for future reference.

Charmaine is quite anxious about some of the changes she is experiencing- a tendency to depression and anxiety , and definite deterioration in memory.  Her lovely doctor has changed her diabetes medication , and established a memory baseline for her, and will follow up with some other possible strategies.   We’ve both just had flu injections after resisting them in the past, and of course we’ll have Covid vaccinations when they are available too.

autumn has its own beauty…


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