4. Managing Money Matters and More…

Since we began living together, we’ve always had wills- we’ve tended to update them before overseas trips in case a plane dropped us out of the sky together! – and arrangements for Enduring Powers of Attorney, in case of serious health or mental  fitness problems at some stage.

At present, we’re working on ways of ensuring that both of us are reasonably competent in managing  financial affairs.  We have tended to have a division of labour on this aspect of our living together (as many partnerships seem to) – Charmaine has always enjoyed working with figures (influenced by  her father Laurence’s passion for numbers) whereas Tanya  resisted her  father Kenneth’s interest in investing ,and has been glad that Charmaine  has taken the lead role in this area. So it’s now  catchup time for Tanya on some procedures.

And IT skills also pose some challenges for us both – Charmaine who was an early adopter of technology says she is now becoming a late adapter!  Tanya, on the other hand,  has always described herself as a technophobe and  only does the basics.  So we have work to do here, too. And of course, managing the flood of daily emails  is an ongoing challenge for us all.

  We hope to  find a suitable younger part-time support person to help with aspects of these  affairs in due course.

This skyscape from our deck reminds us daily of money and the business world!

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