3. Selling…

Our living room wall – rather distinctive and idiosyncratic!

Once Charmaine has recovered from her operation we will start the process of  selling our lovely Apartment 301 in Isaac.  Although it would be great if someone turned up unexpectedly wanting to buy it as is, we recognise that is unlikely. 

Much as we love the colour and vibrancy of all our furnishings and art works, we understand most prospective buyers want to see a relatively blank canvas so they can project their own personalities, furnishings and treasures on it and imagine living here.

We’ve been advised that because it is 8 years old now it would be worthwhile for us to move out, store our goods, and let Maria Salmon, our Real Estate agent (maria@reeveal.co.nz), who sold us this apartment in 2017, organise for it to be cleaned, repainted and “staged”.

So we may well be looking to rent or house-sit for a couple of months from mid-September to mid-November before we can move into our new place at Selwyn Village.  We have a few suggestions to follow up.  But if anyone knows of a comfy cottage or apartment available, do get in touch with us.


  1. Barbara Ford says

    Always room here is the Bubble is still in one piece


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