4. Sorting…

Just the beginning…!

A spinoff from the changes ahead is that once again we’ve started the process of sorting through our life treasures and junk ( for CP deciding which is which!!) and getting rid of what we don’t need. 

Fortunately we’ve also discovered this organisation called ElderlyAssist Ltd which supports older people with sorting, selling, transporting, storing, giving stuff away to charities of your choice, settling into your new place etc etc.  They even have a specialist “HoarderAssist” !  We’ve had our first session with Janice Willis, the owner, and have made a commitment to use a range of their services:  elderlyassist.co.nz

Charmaine is having particular problems with papers and books- surprise, surprise!– which she has saved (some more than 100 years old..).  She may need professional help to sort the “interesting-to-others-and-should-be-kept-safely-somewhere” from the “who-else-would-ever-want-to-look-at-this?”


  1. Priceless ! Charmaine, you are not alone with these decisions.

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