3. Charmaine’s Recovery

Charmaine is recovering and coping well, on the whole.  She has good and bad days, but usually regains good humour and capability after a walk down the road to the shops .  Some days she is deeply tired, and her memory is more erratic than consistent, but she is learning strategies for coping by keeping notes and accounts more carefully. 

When  we are settled in Apartment 532 Caswell, our brand new top floor home by the sea, in late January 2022, we will appreciate the absence of traffic noise and the tree and sea views.

We hope we’ll be able to work less, relax more, and move into a creative flow …


  1. Itsuko + Takashi Kakemizu says

    Very glad to hear that!!
    Have a beautiful summer day!!

    from getting colder colder Sapporo lol

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