1. In 1840, my great great grandmother, Sophia Middleton Ryburn was born in Orua Bay. This fact, I didn’t register until the last few years when I began to record my family her/stories.

    Four years later, the family moved ‘lock, stock & barrel’ to Wairoa. Imagine leaving this beautiful bay for a boat trip to Turanga, Gisborne, an overland walk around the coast to Mahia Peninsula & on to Wairoa – all with 9 chn and for the walk, a large team of Maori helpers from Wairoa. There only to start over again, initially in a raupo hut.

    I add the missionary to Danny Keenan’s list of early residents who courageously dared much & endured much in their own way with a spirit of adventure.(“The Kingitanga”)

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