The 1980s – the forgotten decade that changed NZ forever

On Tuesday 17 May, Charmaine spoke at one of Ika’s Salon evenings… Laila Harre, the owner of Ika Bar and Grill,  asked Charmaine to describe some of the huge changes in Auckland and Aotearoa in the 1980s, their effect on her personally and politically, and on the students and staff of Auckland Girls’ Grammar School […]

Learning Our History

Our congratulations to those in schools and in the media who are challenging historical ignorance in order to promote greater understanding and cooperation among Pakeha, Maori and other cultural groups.  There are some fine, well-informed teachers, and some schools genuinely committed to a well-grounded education for being a New Zealander today. In particular, we want to draw attention to […]

Alex and Tomoko at Earthsong

Ten years ago, Tanya began a conversation with a young Japanese woman sitting on her own at a film during the Out and Proud Festival.  We learnt she was a doctor in training- having a gap year to study medical anthropology and English language at Auckland University-  and eventually she told us  she was in a […]

Who Owns Our Water?

When I saw this heading in huge capitals on a one-page article in the NZ Herald… SHOULD ONE RACE CONTROL NEW ZEALAND’S FRESH WATER? my first thought was “could this be an article about how Pakeha colonists have taken over the country’s natural water sources and used, abused, bought, sold, polluted , drained and destroyed so many, […]

Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox in Aotearoa officially happens at 5.30pm Sunday 20 March this year. Day and night are equal.  From now on the nights become longer than the days until the Winter Solstice on 21 June. We’ve noticed the cooler nights here at Earthsong, and some quirky autumnal clouds, although our days have still had the heat of summer.   […]

Lovely distractions

We’ve been helped through pre-operation anxiety and post-operation healing by some lovely distractions: an Earthsong wedding a Ranui café opening a political 80th birthday party a feminist play a glimpse of change in DR Congo a lesbian film premiere the arrival of gardener Sue. Read more ….  

An Earthsong Wedding

On a perfect Saturday, January 23, Earthsong flowered with splendid banners and huge floral arrangements, and  rang with music, for the wedding of Andy and Jenni, neighbours in our node. The outdoor wedding ceremony began with  harpist Heather singing her own composition, specially written for the couple.           Jenni walked up the garden […]

Korero Café and the Ranui Community Centre

After major renovations, the Ranui Community Centre and Korero Café reopened with a dawn blessing on Friday 29 January.  Local stalwart Buffie Mawhinney and her team have re-used timber and other materials pulled out of the old building in very creative ways for walls and  furnishings .  The Auckland Council, Henderson-Massey Community Board and Community Trusts have all […]