Treasures in the Hokianga…

  Toi Te Rito Maihi, one of our favourite artists, is having a retrospective exhibition at Village Arts Gallery  in Kohukohu until 26 June, so we decided to spend a few days in the Hokianga.   Her exhibition is inspiring – she is so talented in many different media- drawing, writing,  poetry, painting, print-making and , of course, […]

The 1980s – the forgotten decade that changed NZ forever

On Tuesday 17 May, Charmaine spoke at one of Ika’s Salon evenings… Laila Harre, the owner of Ika Bar and Grill,  asked Charmaine to describe some of the huge changes in Auckland and Aotearoa in the 1980s, their effect on her personally and politically, and on the students and staff of Auckland Girls’ Grammar School […]

Te Ara Reo Maori

Both of us love watching Maori Television.  The channel offers more local content than any other (82% compared with 51 per cent for TV One and 50 per cent of TV3’s prime time hours, less on other channels) and the largest number of documentaries-  555 hours in the last year.  And although many programmes in te reo are sub-titled in […]

Learning Our History

Our congratulations to those in schools and in the media who are challenging historical ignorance in order to promote greater understanding and cooperation among Pakeha, Maori and other cultural groups.  There are some fine, well-informed teachers, and some schools genuinely committed to a well-grounded education for being a New Zealander today. In particular, we want to draw attention to […]

Polynesian Panther Women

  On March 23, the Auckland Women’s Centre hosted a wonderful forum, “Women in the Polynesian Panthers and their Legacy”. It was deeply moving to hear  three women speak about their experience of joining Polynesian Panthers to fight racism in Auckland in the 1970s.  It was also inspiring to listen to the daughters of two former […]

Who Owns Our Water?

When I saw this heading in huge capitals on a one-page article in the NZ Herald… SHOULD ONE RACE CONTROL NEW ZEALAND’S FRESH WATER? my first thought was “could this be an article about how Pakeha colonists have taken over the country’s natural water sources and used, abused, bought, sold, polluted , drained and destroyed so many, […]

Professor Ranginui Walker (1932 – 2016)

  We are mourning the loss of a very inspiring Maori leader, Professor Ranginui Walker, of Whakatohea, and long-time resident of Tamaki Makaurau.  Thousands gathered at Takaparawhau during the three days of his tangi to pay their respects to this activist and academic who has reshaped Maori-Pakeha relationships in Aotearoa. We went to the tangi on its […]

Tahuna Minhinnick (1960-2016)

  We are also mourning the sudden death of Tahuna Minhinnick, aged only 56.  We have known Tahuna and his family from Ngaati Te Ata Waiohua for almost thirty years, and worked with them during our 22 years on the Awhitu Peninsula.  Tahuna Minhinnick’s death is a tragic loss to his whanau and his iwi.  The son […]