Political Reflections 2021

Like many older New Zealanders, we have conscientiously listened to the Covid reports on TV or radio, and read the daily paper, to try and stay well-informed.  And we are awaiting our booster shots. We find it hard to understand the anti-vaxx brigade, and even harder to feel tolerant of the bizarre parades and nasty […]

Summer Solstice, Aotearoa

“pōhutukawas in fading crimson, the sand below wreathed in its cottony tangles balls of red hair blown here by yesterday’s wind….” ……from a poem by Lauris Edmond (We found this quote in Juliet Batten’s lovely book Dancing wth the Seasons – inspiration and resilience through times of change) We hope that each of you can […]

1. Good News…

We have sold our current apartment in Grey Lynn – an unconditional agreement was signed this week.  It will be a first home for a young couple and child.  The little boy has already delighted in exploring the upstairs deck, and he will be going to Grey Lynn School next door. We have appreciated our […]

2. Unexpected Good News!

Selwyn Village staff have offered us free temporary accommodation in  the Village because of their having to postpone the completion and moving-in date for new apartments until late January 2022. We have chosen a small free-standing cottage in the grounds of the Village: 15 Bambury Close, Point Chevalier,  not far from the coastal walkway.  It […]

3. Charmaine’s Recovery

Charmaine is recovering and coping well, on the whole.  She has good and bad days, but usually regains good humour and capability after a walk down the road to the shops .  Some days she is deeply tired, and her memory is more erratic than consistent, but she is learning strategies for coping by keeping […]

4. Lockdown…

Eleven weeks so far , and like most Auckland people we are feeling the strain.  The relaxation from Level  4 to Level 3 in late September helped; since then we have been able link up with small numbers of whanau and friends outdoors, masked and safely distant from  one another , which has been a […]

5. Round and About…

We both continue to enjoy walks most days, and Tanya loves bike rides too.  Recently we especially enjoyed a stroll around the coastline of the  Te Atatu Peninsula for views of the kuaka- godwits, who have recently arrived from their 12,000km flights back from Siberia. We are also looking forward to having our shaggy manes […]

1. Positive News…

Charmaine’s operation – 4 weeks ago, on 28 July 2021 – was successful. We are very grateful to the skilled medical team involved… Preparations.. As preparation for the operation., on Tanya’s initiative , we asked a special favour of  old friend and healer, Juliet Batten,  to help us face our anxieties. She gave each of […]