Covid Vibes Days 4,5,6

Covid Vibes Day 4 Covid Vibes Day 5 Covid Vibes Day 6

Amazing Autumn Artistry..

Before the outbreak of Covid-19, we had the good fortune to engage in a range of stimulating and challenging events around Tamaki Makauraru, Kelmarna Gardens Trust put on a fundraising dinner, in the gardens, in cooperation with Forest and Ozone Cafés – a feast of fruit, vegetables and herbs picked from the gardens, prepared and […]

Charmaine’s trip  to Australia

Charmaine’s brother Jess (the youngest surviving sibling in her birth family) died peacefully in his flat in Sydney, somewhere around February 15 or 16, apparently of heart failure. Jess was Charmaine’s soulmate in many ways- a passionate reader,  a fighter for social justice, but also damaged – they were both alcoholics at the time they […]

Waitangi 2020

  Tanya, Ingrid and Kate on the Treaty education stall at Te Tii Marae It was an honour to accompany Ingrid Huygens and Kate Abel – both Treaty educators- to Waitangi this year, to help out on their stall on Te Tii Marae.  The Treaty Education stall this year launched the Joan Macdonald Trust Fund, established […]


  During February we have felt a growing sense of pride in Aotearoa- pride in the progress we are making to become a Treaty-based nation and in our growing capacity for diversity -the ability to welcome and include people of different ethnicities, cultures, religions and genders.  We’ve enjoyed the rainbow colours of Skytower, and of […]

Visits and Visitors

A visit to Whangarei Heads… From Waitangi we headed to Whangarei Heads to stay a couple of nights with  our old friends Steph and Annette on Seahorse Farm.  We swam, walked, ate delicious food, and were looked after warmly by them both.      One highlight was our walk from Urquhart’s Bay around the headland […]


Awhitu… said to mean”A Longing to Return“.. It is true that while we have no urge any longer  to be managing a 28 acre farm, we love going back to the Awhitu Peninsula, and staying at Orua Bay. Orua is one of the lovelier beaches in the wider Auckland region- good sand, safe swimming in […]

Tanya and Tennis

We’ve made the most of the hot, dry summer, moving in and out of different worlds as usual. Tanya delved into the world of international women’s tennis again in early January for three days.  She saw Serena Williams play each day, but it was the young players who captured her imagination: Taylor Townsend and Asia […]